Differentiated Learning

All about Frogs..

Today the boys requested for an activity on Frogs! After much thought, I decided to carry out a differentiated lesson.

Printed out a template of a letter F craft from http://crystalandcomp.com/f-is-for-frog-a-letter-of-the-week-preschool-craft/ for Sahal. Wanted to test whether he is a visual learner and true enough he is! He managed to recognise the letter from this activity. Success Alhamdulillah. 🙂

He managed to complete it with minimal help too! Very proud of him.

For Suhayl, I decided to do on the life cycle of a frog. Got the idea from http://mrstsfirstgradeclass-jill.blogspot.sg/2012/03/frog-life-cycle.html?m=1. The picture of the frog was too small though so I drew a bigger frog for him and decided to paste the frog on the lily pad.

Final Products!

Suhayl’s work is always very colourful & nice. Very proud of him too. 🙂


A simple activity but yet a fulfilling one. Alhamdulillah. May Allah continue to grant me the energy and guide me the way to educate these children of mine. Ameen.


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