Arabic Vocabularies · Differentiated Learning

Book on Arabic Vocab & Hijaiyah Alphabets Craft

Slept at 2am the night before planning activites for S&S..

Drawing done during the wee hours!

Decided to cover some arabic vocab on animals with Suhayl hence the drawing! 😊

Was afraid that he might get bored colouring but glad he did not!

His final product. There are more animals to be added before we make it into a book insya’Allah.

Sahal’s activity was a flawed! 😔

Since he was able to recognise alphabets through craft work, I decided to try on Hijaiyah alphabets too. It ended up making him confuse instead.

The activity was also too difficult for him til he was not able to complete it independently.

Well, not all activities turn out to a success. Self reminder not to get disappointed and continue to try to discover what is best for my children. May Allah continue to guide me insya’Allah. Ameen.


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